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Alex Peter Ivanov, aka Alex The Great Hypnotist, is an experienced hypnotist and a graduate of The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and The United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis, where he became a Scientific Hypnotherapy Practitioner and clinical hypnotist.

Alex Peter Ivanov was baptised under the name of “Alex The Great Hypnotist” by legendary USA stage comedy hypnotist Don Spencer. Alex’s teachers and influencers at the time were great performers in the business, like Tom Silver, Freddy Jacquin, Mike Mandel, Jonathan Royle, Don Spencer, Martin Castor Peterson, Michael C. Anthony, Karl Smith, Richard Barker, Jim Kellner and many more.

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Alex Peter Ivanov is a published poet and writer as well as an experienced clinical hypnotist. He is the founder and director of “Serapis Wellness Therapies Centre” in Navan Co.Meath, where he provides hypnotherapy services. He also has years of experience on stage and performs killer hypnotist entertainment acts all over Ireland.

You can check Alex’s work as a hypnotist on stages throughout Ireland and see the talent and magic of his act for yourself. Observe as Alex The Great hypnotises audience volunteers right before your eyes and find out why he is also called Doctor I Feel Good. You, too, can accomplish any goal you desire with the power of hypnosis.

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