Clinical Hypnosis

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Alex is a registered certified hypnotherapy professional and founder of Serapis Wellness Therapies Centre in Navan, Co. Meath, which provides alternative medicinal services and clinical hypnotherapy to patients all over Ireland. Alex’s primary focus is on addiction treatment, and he provides specific treatments focused on hypnotherapy for smoking or anxiety and weight loss hypnotherapy.

An Exclusive & Innovative Clinical Hypnotherapy Approach in Ireland

Alex also developed Hypno Coding, an exclusive clinical hypnotherapy approach: rewiring your psyche through alternative therapies. He deletes infected or damaged files representing bad habits, phobias and stress from your subconscious mind and helps you replace them with new healthy patterns of your desired behaviour or feelings. This finally activates your mind antivirus to protect your confidence, motivation and emotional balance. Start on your health journey right now by calling or contacting us using the contact form. Remember that there is help available.

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