Close-Up Magic Shows

Be Spellbound & Prepare to be Amazed by Alex’s Close-Up Magic Show

Close-up magic is the most surprising and intimate form of magic and is a fun wedding idea your guests will remember forever! Alex The Great’s interactive close-up magic show is perfect for small groups of people of all ages. This participative style of magic is ideal for private parties, weddings and corporate celebrations.

Hilarious and Unforgettable Magic Shows for Small Audiences

To create the perfect atmosphere during the magic show, Alex can hide amongst your guests and give a surprising and enchanting experience. Book the close-up magician for your wedding, graduation, party or any kind of event, and he can surprise your guests by mingling during the reception or either visit individual tables during the meal. The incredible illusions and unbelievable mind-reading will be remembered by your guests for years to come.

Elevate Your Events & Surprise Your Guests with a Wedding Magician

Everyone remembers three things from a wedding: the dress, the food and the entertainment! Surprise your guests with a fun wedding idea and book a wedding magician to charm everyone during the reception. Alex the Great has years of experience as a hypnotist for wedding entertainment and will perform personal, close-up acts on you and your loved ones to create a unique memory.